Natalie Wilson is ok with keeping you at a distance. There is an element of craftsmanship that goes into the sculpting of her musical persona - she’s ok with you knowing that. The biggest challenge for the twenty-three year old singer/songwriter during the release of her highly anticipated EP, Track Season, was deciding how much she’s willing to share. Notoriously protective over her career, the Simsbury, Connecticut native has always been stringent in selecting those who get to be a part of her musical process. Wilson’s journey to this point hasn’t been straightforward, but it’s always been hers. ” - Emily Burstein


A dynamic mix of sound and technique, the 23-year-old New York City based songwriter leans on technical creativity in her songwriting to create a perfect balance of an eccentric yet emotionally raw writing style. Surprises are abundant throughout the EP, including epic key changes, crunchy rockstar-esque guitar solos and even a Saratoga Springs trumpet calling to dawn the collection of tracks.” - Miles Campbell

Atwood Magazine

Living in New York, 23 year old Natalie Wilson enters the independent music scene by releasing her EP Track Season. Her unique instrumentation of soft rock blended with psychedelic production makes for undeniable soothing hits. From May to August of 2022, Natalie crafted a collection of five songs. This particular period, known as "Track Season," coincided with the vibrant schedule of the Saratoga Race Course, which greatly influenced the title of her EP. To pay homage to Saratoga, the EP starts with an evocative trumpet sound recorded directly from the race course, creating a perfect tribute” - Samantha DeCarlo

Sheesh Media

And she's off, Natalie Wilson is out the starting gate with "Saratoga." Songwriter, lyricist and graduate student, Natalie Wilson '18, released her first studio album, "Track Season" last Spring, an accomplishment that might have seemed but a dream to her when she was a student at Westminster.”

Westminster School Bulletin